Beautiful Six Hours


What will you do, if you have six hours transit time in the airport?. Well, there are not so much option. But we always can do something like :

1. Reading book. Good option i think. It will be a good buying for a knowledge.

2. Sleeping. Bad option. Even not so much stolen cases in the airport, you need more careful with your things.

3. Chat with other passenger. Nice option. Chatting and discussion is the good way for transferring knowledge and spend the time right?

4. If we bring our camera, how if taking photos?hm, this is what i did after the first three option 🙂

Waiting with youTogether.

I dont really like this photo.

I go

Mama, I go 🙂

Sweet photo i think. His mother was running away behind to catch him.

Option 2


Two tired old ladies. This is not what i like too. Became old and sleep on the floor like that. When you are below 30 for sure its fine. But its a bad bad option when you are 50 or 70.



A tired wife waiting a plane. Her plane still 3 hours forward. Her husband is looking for a lunch.

any idea?

Any idea? 🙂

My advice for you, be prepared for everything. Even during a transit time. Because you will never know when the moon is falling in front of you 🙂

*Feel sorry for the people whom i took the photo. Please contact me if you want complain. Otherwise if you have any idea about the last photo you can contact me too :p


Bapak (baru) satu putra yang kadang kadang nulis.

7 thoughts on “Beautiful Six Hours

    1. wait until jason mrazz pass in front of you while u sleeping. and you woke up after he gone. what do u think hmmmm? 😀

      1. hahah… my eyes is closed but not my heart, and i know that he walk in front of me,, directly my eyes will be opened.. haahahyyyy.
        Btw, our blog themes is same but still has different, wkwkwkwk.
        Nice photo pokok e mas…..

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