Rushing and confidency

What do you think?speed up the job but many repairs to do later or do the best way to gain best quality which means slower but without or less repair?The lesson learnt today is : rushing and pushing will not always working all the times. The thing that will lost when you do a pushing and rushing is the most important thing for your human staff: confidency. You may speed up the job, but at the end of the day your staff mental will be drop. Why?because there will be so many repairs todo. They will start to think that they are incapable todo a job.

So let start to ask nicely our staff to give best effort, praise them because they give you good effort, and slowly but sure, as soon as they get their confidency, we will speed up automaticly. You will see πŸ™‚


Bapak (baru) satu putra yang kadang kadang nulis.

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