Fast and agile. We saw these thing hunting small fish. Her appearance maybe not really clear under water. But rally jumping small fish from the water surface was a proof that something hunting them. She was blue dark with lenght about 2 mtrs,  accelerate very fast and has no fear heading a massive 50inch pile.

Yes it was marlin. Blue marlin.

Blue marlin-wikipedia

Blue marlin commonly found in Atlantic Ocean. Not limited there, sometimes we can found her Pacific Ocean. Maybe in the all warm ocean. My friend even catches her on North Java Ocean. And i saw her (on my first time) at south mahakam offshore. She was following where warm current flowing.

Blue marlin a.ka. Makaira Nigricans. Live about 27 years old, these marlin can grow until 900 kg (and more) and have length about 5 mtrs. Swimming speed 80 km/hr (wow!). Her agility and fighting back style when she hooked made her favorite among sport fisherman. I cannot imagine how fish with such agility and weight can be handled only by one man with a fishing rod.

Anyway, were still struck by amazement on the moment she hunt. My fitter even dazzled and stop his job for a while. Yes we were stop our job and yelling : that’s marlin!!! Lol. My team is a fishermen during their lunch break time and they rarely seen this fish around our site.

Marlin and the other fish is a gift that Allah made for us. I wish that we can always treat them respectfully.


Bapak (baru) satu putra yang kadang kadang nulis.

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