The cultural intelligence vs emotional intelligence

The Cultural Intelligent textbook (2012) states that the Cultural Intelligence (CQ) framework is ABCD which is short for Acquire, Build, Contemplate, and Do. “Acquire” is the process of gathering information and knowledge about a culture. “Build” is creating a strategy of how to use the information that has been obtained to achieve our goals. “Contemplate” is reflecting on what exactly our motives are, what moves us. When it’s solid, we must “Do” it, which is to do what we have planned in the strategy.

For example, A leader is given the responsibility to lead a new multicultural team. In Aquire, the leader will gather information about the previous ethnicity, age, expertise, family, how the team works, etc. In the Build stage, the leader will develop a strategy based on the data that has been collected. Before executing the strategy, the leader must contemplate, what moves him, what becomes his motive? After being solid, then the strategy must be done as best.

Cultural Intelligence is closely related to Emotional Intelligence but has a significant difference. Someone with high Emotional Intelligence will understand who he is and what makes him different from each other. It is the ability to identify, assess, and manage his emotions as well as other emotions (Cultural, 2012). But someone with CQ will be able to understand if someone or a group has its characteristics based on their culture (Earley & Mosakowski, 2004).

With the ability of CQ, a leader can direct his team to achieve the desired goals. A person with a high CQ, makes careful “thinking before act” faster than a leader with a low CQ (Earley & Mosakowski, 2004)


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