How to perform Takbiratul Ihram (detail explanation)

Status in the prayer: Rukun. It means if someone who does not perform takbiratul ihram in his salah, his salah is invalid or rejected.

Daleel or The preposition:

مِفْتَاحُ الصَّلاَةِ الطُّهُورُ، وَتَحْرِيمُهَا التَّكْبِيرُ، وَتَحْلِيلُهَا التَّسْلِيمُ

The key to prayer is cleanliness, and the tahrim (which forbids doing anything – in the salah) is takbir, and the tahlil (which justifies doing anything – after salah) is salaam

How to perform takbiratul ihram:

Dr. Musthafa Al-Khin — as one of the Shafi’ite school scholars — tells the procedure of takbiratul ihram in his book Al-Fiqhul Manhajî. In his explanation mentioned that takbiratul ihram must be with the sentence:

اللهُ أَكْبَرُ

“Allâhu Akbar”

In its implementation the pronunciation of the sentence must meet several conditions namely:

  1. When saying it the person who wants to pray must be in a standing position. If the pronunciation is done in the middle of the process of standing, then the prayer is invalid.
  2. When saying it, people who want to pray are in a position facing the Qibla.
  3. By using Arabic. However, for people who cannot pronounce it in Arabic and it is not possible to learn at that time, it is permissible for them to perform takbiratul ihram by using other languages ​​by saying the meaning of the sentence Allahu Akbar (Allah is the Greatest). After that he was obliged to study takbiratul ihram in Arabic.
  4. The pronunciation of the sentence Allahu Akbar each letter must be heard by at least himself with a note of the condition of his hearing in good health. If only the Allahu sentence was heard and the Akbar sentence was not heard — even though both lips moved to say it — then the takbir is invalid.

Meanwhile, Syekh Salim bin Sumair Al-Hadlrami in his book Safînatun Najâ in more detail mentions that there are at least 16 (sixteen) conditions of takbiratul ihram that must be met when people want to pray.

These conditions are:

  1. Performed in a standing position at the fardlu prayer
  2. By using Arabic
  3. With lafdhul jalâlah (“Allah” word)
  4. With the “Akbar” word
  5. Sequential between the two words of Allah and Akbar
  6. Not lengthening the letters of the word “a”, so that it reads “Aaaallah”
  7. Not lengthen the letters “ba” words, so that they read Akbaaaar
  8. Does not tasydid the “ba” so that they read “Akbbar”
  9. Does not add the “waw” letter so that it becomes Allâhu wakbar
  10. Do not add waw letters before lafdhul jalâlah (Allah), so that it reads Wallâhu Akbar
  11. Do not stop between two words of takbir, either stopping for a long or short time
  12. All the letters can be heard by yourself
  13. Has entered the prayer time for the specified prayer time. If takbiratul ihram is said before the prayer time, then the prayer is invalid because there is a Rukun of the prayer that is carried out prematurely.
  14. Performed in a position facing the Qibla
  15. Do not misspell any of the letters or words
  16. Makmum’s (Follower) takbiratul ihram must be more done after Imam’s takbiratul ihram (Salim bin Sumair Al-Hadlrami, Safînatun Najâ [Beirut: Darul Minhaj, 2009], p. 34 ). If the Makmum’s takbiratul ihram faster or together with Imam’s takbiratul ihram then the makmum’s prayer is invalid.

The procedure of takbiratul ihram with various conditions must be taken into account correctly because its invalidity results in the invalidity of the prayers. Wallâhu a‘lam.


Yazid Muttaqin. Retrieved from



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